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Women in Construction – Getting Recognition

As Women in Construction week comes to a close, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the amazing progress of recognition of women in the industry. National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) launched the idea of Women in Construction week a few years ago as a way to bring visibility to women […]

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It was the late 1980s and hanging in most jobsite trailer was a tool catalog featuring scantily clad women wearing hard hats and tool belts. I was a young engineer, finishing an intern assignment for the summer on a construction site and my project manager and superintendent invited me to lunch to celebrate. Imagine my […]

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Culture Matters

Recently we had the opportunity to discuss the importance of company culture as part of a valued client’s new employee orientation.  Our client has a large contract with a multi-national corporation and wanted to be sure their new employees not only understood the culture of their own company but also the culture of their biggest […]

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Successful Teams Build Trust

It seems to be that time of year when all the professional sports seasons collide, the baseball playoffs, football in full swing, basketball and hockey preseason action underway, and all the teams striving to win their sports championship. The only way any of these teams will win their ultimate prize: a world series ring, the […]

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Inspired by the Next Generation of Women in Construction

In our June and July blogs we focused on what we can do to inspire the next generation of women in construction, this month look at how I’ve have been inspired by the next generation of women. Young women who have already chosen construction as a career inspire me with their enthusiasm for the industry, […]

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Influencing the Future of Construction

Last month we discussed the importance of inspiring the next generation of women in construction. There are steps we can all take to ensure we are encouraging girls to pursue a career of their choice, including those in non-traditional industries, starting with awareness of our own implicit biases.  We should also recognize that STEM is […]

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Women in Construction Inspiring the Next Generation

With all the focus on STEM careers, let’s not forget there are many occupations outside of computer science and coding that require excellent math skills and a fair bit of science. The construction industry is an untapped opportunity for women where they currently make up less than 9% of the workforce. And whether you’re a […]

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Leading by Coaching

Coaching is a skill that every leader can benefit from developing. Coaching can be defined as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential” International Coaching Federation, 2017. Don’t we all want to inspire others to be successful and have positive results? Coaching increases […]

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Women in Construction, Ethics and Set Asides

“Woman in construction front scheme gets 12 months” this recent headline in the Chicago Tribune caught my eye and upon reading it I discovered I knew the woman being sentenced to a year in jail. She had been caught using her WBE status fraudulently, she went to jail, the General Contractor paid a fine and […]

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